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DGD “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun” Show results

Oct. 29,30 2022

Special Awards

Freestyle/InSync - 

Fun!Fun!Fun! -Team having fun in the ring -Liz Schweiker/Carlee – donated by Marilyn Capello


Devilishly Delightful - Team that sparked Joy with the Audience- Carrol Haines/Carlee – donated by Sharon Gretch


Fangtastic Finery -Best Costume – Deana Allen/Shimmie – Donated by Priscilla Hoobler


Joyful Enthusiasm -For the Dog who shows the most happy excitement, whether Silently or Not – Deana Allen/Shimmie- Donated by Laurie Rubin


Demonically Delightful -Move that wowed the Audience- Laurie Rubin/Truly – Donated by Deana Allen


Rising Star -For Mischief Managed – Tanya Sigloh/Smudge – Donated by Aileen Frey


Dancing with the Devil- Dog and Handler that had a Devil of a Good Time - Patti/Seaquin- Donated by Peggy Wolf


Treats for Tricks – Best Trick or Pose  - Aileen/Ringo – Donated by Teresa Hall

The “More Please” Award – For the team that you look forward to seeing More of - Rachel/Spork – Donated by Patti Schaefer


Future Star award - Lowest Overall Score MF/InS- Sat - Marilyn/Dazzle – Donated by Nancy Marston


Future Star Award - Lowest Overall Score MF/InS - Sun - Carrol/Dani- Donated by Nancy Marston


High Scoring MF -  Carrol/Carlee – Donated by RFE


Monster Mash- Best Interpretation of Music -Teresa/Holly – Donated by Debbie Schaefer


Nancy's MF Judges Choice - Judy/Poppy (for Puppy Song) 

Julie's MF Judges Choice - Liz/Carlee



Rally-FrEe Awards

Treats for Tricks -Best Free Choice “Trick” - Carrol/Dani – Donated by Teresa Hall


High Total Station Score Sat - Carrol/Dani – Donated by Carrol Haines


High Total Station Score Sun - Teresa/Holly – Donated by Carrol Haines


H.A.T. - Carrol/Dani – Donated by RFE


Nancy's Judges Choice - Debra/Bonnie - Supporting your Dog


Julie's Judges Choice Award - Marilyn/Dazzle - most improved score


I  Love my dog - Carrol/Carlee Drawn from entries


Cup of Love – Voted by DGD Members epitomizing the spirit of Sportsmanship and Camaraderie - Marilyn – Donated by Julie Flanery and Sharon Gretch







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