American Bandstand
The 50's

April 7-8, 2018 

New Musical Freestyle Titles:
Michele Pouliot and Deja Vu MF Grand Champion (MF-GCH)
Carrol Haines and Carlee InSync Intermediate (Ins-I)
Michele Pouliot and Sake InSync Intermediate (Ins-I)
Sharon Gretch and Finn InSync Intermediate (Ins-I)
Franzie Corman and Lark Senior Novice (MF Sr-N)
Diane Baker and Rudy MF Entry (MF-E)


New Rally-FrEe Titles:
Marilyn Capello and Sadie R-FE Grand Champion
Julie Flanery and Kashi R-FE Elite Intermediate
Mary Stafford and Sterling R-FE Elite Novice
Judy Schroeder and Rey R-FE Intermediate

Special Awards

Musical Freestyle
High Score Musical Freestyle: Michele Pouliot and Sake with a score of 200
High Score InSync: Laural Rhea and Zuzu with a score of 194
High Score Combined MF and InSync: Michele and Sake 

“Twist and Shout” Award: Peggy Wolf and Suzie
“Teamwork Exemplified” Award: Marilyn Capello and Sadie
“Keeps on Moving” Award: Diane Baker and Rudy
“The Fuss Award” in honor of Fusci: Betsy Brown and Frodo
“Paws of Steel” Award, best paw behavior: Debbie Decker and Prim
“You Send Me” Award, best distance behavior: Michele Pouliot and Sake
“The Listo Award” best canine actor, in honor of Listo: Deana Allen and Dervish
“The James Dean Award”, most swagger: Carrol Haines and Carlee
“It's Got a Beat and You Can Dance to It” Award: Patti Schaefer and Sequin
“Rockin' Robin” Award: Janet Morlan and Jory
“So Rare” Award for most unique behavior: Michele Pouliot and Sake (harness)
“I Only Have Eyes for You” Award: Sharon Gretch and Finn
“I'm into Something Good” Award for most connected team: Laural and Zuzu
“Dick Clark Award” team that still dances like a kid: Leah Atwood and Gypsy
Judge's Choice Award (Laura Ormsby): Debbie Decker and Prim for “Hallelujah”
Judge's Choice Award (Nancy Royse): Franzie Corman and Lark


Top H.A.T. Award: Mary Stafford and Sterling
Team that shows the most heart: Diane Baker and Rudy
Most Unique Move: Mary Stafford and Sterling
“I Walk the Line” Award for team with the greatest precision and accuracy: Betsy Brown and Frodo
“Love Me Tender”Award for team that makes you go “awww”: Judy Schroeder and Rey
Judge's Choice: Judy Schroeder and Rey