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Our Story

Back in 2000, canine musical freestyle did not exist in the Northwest, but that didn’t stop professional dog trainer, Julie Flanery, from pursuing this sport that had her at hello. Julie convinced five students taking her “Tricks and Obedience” class to help create a canine musical freestyle club, and Dogs Gone Dancin’ (DGD) was formed.


Julie and the five co-founders were the first in the Northwest to sponsor and compete in canine musical freestyle competitions. To this day, all six co-founders remain active DGD members—indeed, they are the very lifeblood of our club which is nearly fifty members strong and still growing.

DGD is committed to making canine musical freestyle events available to all who wish to participate. We invite senior or disabled humans and dogs to compete in specially created categories alongside the standard titling categories. Therefore, every person and dog, regardless of age or athletic ability, can earn placements and titles.

In addition to our bi-annual  titling events, DGD hosts freestyle workshops, fun matches and demonstrations. Our demos have been particularly well received at nursing homes, hospitals and fund-raising events for humane societies and rescue groups

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